Is this a good deal on a 2019 Corvette Stingray?

Is this a good deal?

2019 Corvette Stingray 1LT

MSRP: $60,900 - 15% off MSRP
36 months, 10k miles
$5500 at signing
$518 per month

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Not a bad deal. Please post corvette loyalty details ?

$3000 for having another Corvette in my household. The dealership said as long as you own / lease another one and it’s registered to the same address as you then you get $3000 off.

It may be targeted. I don’t know if that is a national incentive, Chevy loyalty is only $500. Good incentives, most on a private offer I’ve seen is $2500 for a Corvette.

Supposedly there’s glut of corvettes since people are holding out for the mid engine. I’d imagine you could get a good discount if you shop around, ie 10% before incentives/rebates

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I put the VIN of the Corvette I was looking at into Google, and it seems another person posted that exact Corvette on the forums back in October. I’m hoping I can get it down a little bit since they have had it for some time now

For what it’s worth, Matick Chevrolet (A dealer that specializes in Corvettes and sells nationwide) has a lease ad for $0 down and $512/month. Or with $3999 down it’s $396/month. 3 month lease 10k/year miles. The required drive-off fees are tax/title/dealer fees/acquisition fees.

So based on their ad I would say your deal is probably better. And Matick usually has very compelling Corvette deals.

The Corvette I got the quote on is actually from Matick Chevrolet. I saw someone else post about this corvette back in October on the forums, so they’ve had it for quite some time know which is why I’m hoping they may be able to go a bit lower than MSRP

Cargurus website will give you days in stock if dealer uses them

Thanks, just checked and they’ve had it for 334 days

I spoke with them and they said the lowest they can do is $58,910 - $3000 for owning a Corvette and another $2000 discount

Call around, I’d imagine you could get 10% off before incentives if you find a motivated dealer. That discount is weak for a car coming up on a bday.

I’m going to go in this week to try and negotiate a lower price. I was emailed that my lease would be $535 instead of $478 because I was “approved at A2 tier and the original quotes were for A1 tier”

334 days…I had to remember…The 2019 Corvette model year started in January 2018.

Don’t call em’ back, Maybe they’ll change their mind in a week or 3. Play hard to get. Their interest carrying costs have to be around $250 a m0nth for a car with that MSRP. When they call back remind them of that.


Did you fill out a credit app already? I wouldn’t go in and negotiate, get quotes from other dealers. If you really like this particular car use the other quotes you get to get the price down I this one. Going into the dealership is a complete waste of your time

Yes I did. If I was to end up getting the car from another dealership, would I need to fill out a credit app again?

I’m looking but am choosing to wait until July since the incentives will only get better as we near the announcement of the 2020. Sales have been terrible this year, the lowest since this body style came out.