Is this a good deal on a 2018 TLX?

got a quote from a dealer in SoCal

2018 Acura TLX 4cyl with tech pkg
MSRP: $37665
sales price: 37665- 9,250 = 28,415
Monthly Payment: $339 includes tax, license, and fees.
Down Payment: $1000
Months: 36
Anual Mileage: 15k
residual value: 18455.54 (49%)
MF: .00054
Zip Code:92801

so, I have plugged in some numbers from the dealer. Dealer is claiming that he is giving total $9,250 but it’s actually a little less.
not sure if I plugged in the numbers correctly.
Please help me to review.

Seems like a decent deal to me. According to one percent rule, this deal seems to be good.

Doesn’t seem too bad at all considering it is 15k miles. If you like the TLC, I’d say go for it. Consider rolling everything into the payment if the MF isn’t too high

What’s your total drive off with breakdown ?

Moving to the correct category

Thx, will chk on it once I get the break down on the numbers.

Thx, Max_g! Didn’t realize until I posted it.

Total drive off is $1000. Didn’t get the break down on it yet. Looking in to making the deal soon.

Thx! What is one percent rule? Where can I read about it?

Google is your friend! :grinning:

Don’t worry about it. Spend your time reading this forum instead, especially every TLX thread.

Given the current numbers

looks like a decent deal. You are getting 10% off and the $5875 of lease cash.

Im looking at a similar car too. Why is your MSRP 37665… TLX with Tech should be 36700, what else does it have on top of Tech.

10% off just isnt enough for me to pull the trigger yet. If I can get close to 13-14% then the deal becomes a hack (in MY opinion)

Would you mind PM’ing the dealer you are working with?

Deal looks decent but I bet you could do better. Looks like you’re in SoCal based on zip code. I would highly recommend calling Kenny at DCH Tustin to see if he can beat those numbers. If he has the car in stock, chances are, he’ll be able to beat it. GL!

Thanks! e-mailed Kenny.

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I just realized the OP posted a deal on a 2018. The $36,700 is for a 2019.

Hope it helps.

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