Is this a good deal on 2018 X3 for 24/10?

I wanted to get your input if you think this is a good deal

If I’m reading this right, it’s $2792 due as signing and $723/month for a $54k 2018 X3? There should be no doubt what the answer is.


apart from worst deal - 35% depreciation for 24/10; does this sound legit?

I understand X3’s 65% residual for 2 year /10k miles is not as good as Lexus RX, but that’s the RV/MF from BMW.

by the way, $925 acq. fee is hidden in the worksheet

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$2792 is including the first payment of $723, I’m paying the sale tax upfront.

I think you missed the fact that he basically said its a terrible deal. For the salesman, it is a great deal because you might pay for a couple nights in Aruba for him (or her).

So what do you suggest that I should do? I sent email to 7+ dealers around VA but that was the best deal I received so far. I was also told that conquest incentive and fleet discount can’t be combined. Is that true? If i’ve ever owned BMW am I still qualified for loyalty program?

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Loyalty is for ownership/lease within the 12 months iirc.

X3 just doesn’t lease well right now. It’s a brand new design so there is naturally a premium that goes along with it.

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You can swap into a fully loaded X5 50i for 840…search the listings

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I can’t imagine the va annual property tax on a 90k vehicle…

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$4.57 per $100 on everything over $20k, plus $4.57x200x0.3 for the first $20k.

That is Usurius.

So a 90k vehicle would be $274 + 3199 = 3473

Do you feel you get value out of that level of taxation? Are there any tricks to circumvent that?

Edit: Fixed math

IIRC it was county dependent. The county I lived in was usually on the cheaper end for NoVa.

Hah! I just checked. It’s 6.46% now. omg. so glad I moved.

Your math is off, try again :grin:
Value is to stay under 50k (except for a $300/no S90)
@Sgtr275 yes, depending on county.

Many would go to great lengths to register their cars in counties with no emissions testing, or reduced taxes, or go so far as to find a way to register out of state.

One thing I don’t understand is that, (i’m new to VA), why a leasee has to pay the property tax when he/she doesn’t even own the property(car)? Tax administration sends the tax bill to the manufacturer then they bill the leasee.

We have a similar personal property tax in NC, but it’s only ~1% per annum and our lease tax is only 3% on the monthly payment so much more of a value. Used to be tax deductible too, but for 2018 the 10k SALT limit messes that up.