Is this a good Deal on 2017 Honda Accord LX

Dealership in Chicago IL

Stock #: HA063304
VIN: 1HGCR2F34HA063304
Miles: 10

Vehicle Price: $23,990.00
AutoNation Savings: - $2,690.00
Customer Rebate: - $1,000.00
AutoNation Price: $20,300.00

Sales Tax (estimate): 	+	$1,773.42	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): 	+	$101.00	 
Title Fee: 	+	$95.00	 
Other: 	+	$15.00	 
Documentation Fee: 	+	$169.27	 
Electronic Filing: 	+	$25.00	 
Balance Due (estimate): 		$22,478.69	 
No Trade-In 

Cash Due 36 months
Rebates: $1,350
12,000 Miles
$1,500 $215
$2,500 $185
$3,500 $156

Is the $1,000 rebate the dealer cash? $1,000 for dealer cash isn’t especially high for Accord. For reference, I have leased two Accord LX’s, one for $220 including sales tax of 9 percent per month. The one we have now is $178 per month. The current car included $500 college grad and $500 edmunds rebate that was available at the time. If you have timing flexibility, maybe consider waiting for a higher dealer cash number.

2015 Accord LX bought 1 year ago new
$23,725 MSRP
$18,847.70 Net price including rebates
$1.5K dealer cash, $500 grad, $500 edmunds, ($2.5K total, $1k taxable)
$13,286 (56%) residual
.00029 (.696%) money factor
$9.32 / month
8.85% ($14.50/month)
$178.31 / 36 months

Wow that looks like a really good deal not sure if I should ask the dealer for more dealer cash I have anothe r dealer saying this.

Here is the Lease Payment that you have requested.

This Quote is ONLY good for this month:

Desired Vehicle: 2017 Honda Accord Sport Sedan

Monthly Payment: $265.00/month

Lease Term: 36 months

Yearly Mileage Allowance: 12,000 miles

Due @ signing: 1st Payment, Doc. Fee & License/Title

  • Customer must Qualify for this Lease Program with approved credit
  • Additional $500 College Graduate or $500 Active Military available to qualified buyers

I hope this payment works for you and let us know what else we need to do to earn you Business.

Just personal opinion here - I would not lease an Accord for anywhere near that high of a payment. Have you looked at the 2016 LX’s? You might get much better offers on those? The residual isn’t much lower, plus the money factor should be lower on the 2016s. Double check this somewhere, but I think the 2016 money factor is .00020 plus $1000 dealer cash. The net sales price should probably be in the $19’s including the discounts. Without calling dealers myself, I’m guessing you could lease a 2016 LX with no money down for about $200/month if you work the phones a bit. Try to make sure you are asking for the Internet department if you aren’t already there. Also, maybe call dealers in other cities to give yourself an idea of what payment is possible.

For comparison, check the website of Weymouth Honda in Boston:

I’m not suggesting you go to Boston to get a car, but that dealership is well known for being upfront and offering good deals on leases. Their amazing lease calculator is a good starting point for where you should aim.

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For an Accord LX is way to high.

You should be around $0 down and $190 including tax and fees.

Maybe I am approaching this wrong because every dealer I talk to is asking for 2k to 3k down this is for my wife she has a 740+ credit score we should have no issue with getting approved. She just started working not sure if that is a issue or not but I can always apply for a car. Either way I have been saying 0 down and every dealer I talk to they want 2-3k down if I am doing 0%, I would really like the sports addition and everytime I bring up the Wemouth Honda Deal they bring up look they dont include tax’s and fee’s which would be equal to what they are asking. Hopefully that makes sense.

I found that it is easiest to negotiate the price of the car. Then when you go in to lease it, make sure you know the mf and residual. Take all the numbers from the lease calculator and present the monthly payment and how you got to that number. If they won’t lease at their numbers take the sale price to another dealer to match.

The worst was when the dealer that gave me the lowest price that they wouldn’t be able to give me my numbers. I was like they aren’t my numbers they are your numbers. Needless to say poor reviews were left on yelp and other places.

Dude that’s a SMOKING deal on an accord with an MSRP of $23,725. Are you sure you didn’t do a one-pay on that?

Also what was your total drive-offs?

We put down just first month’s payment of $178, so we will owe a full 36 payments not 35. We then paid title and registration later, which of course everyone owes. We didn’t do a cap reduction or pay any fees up front.

If you want a smoking deal - that would be the '16 Camry SE I currently drive at $125 per month with no money down. I leased that about this time last year, trading my leased '14 Camry XLE that I had for 1.5 years into a two year lease. College rebate of $750 and $2,000 lease cash on that one.

Camry SE
$26,140 MSRP
$20,367.97 net price including rebates
$2K lease cash, $750 college grad ($2,750 total taxable rebates)
$18,298 (70%) residual
0.00073 (1.752%) money factor
$28.23 / month
8.85% ($10.13/month) taxes
$124.61 / 24 months

I don’t know what to tell you…maybe you’re not being forceful enough?

It is extremely odd for multiple salespeople at different dealerships to ignore a potential customer’s simple and easy request.

That accord “deal” is complete BS. Dealers make their boat payments with “deals” like this. The deal is no good. Better off going with the Camry SE. 125 on a 26k Camry, now that’s a deal.

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Just tell the dealer you are considering the Camry because it has a much bigger discount and equipment level and you will notice how they suddenly come down. As long as he knows you are smitten with Honda, your wife has a new job and needs a car, the price won’t budge.

If you’re referring to the Weymouth link, that is a lease calculator and not an advertised deal.

And the Camry deal was a year ago.

Yeah I am going to take today and just ask all of them for the MF and residuals and take it from there

You need to obtain this information from other sources. Otherwise, they will tell you outrageous MF and very low residuals. For example, in a Lexus dealer for 2016 RX, I asked the sales person what is the Residual they have used for the outrageously high lease payment, she said 52%. I told her if it is a “Lexus” we are talking about. It should be at least 59%. So, she went back and came out saying 61%. Now that is 9%, difference, for a 54k car, it makes a difference of $4860 on the residuals which boils down to $134 per month lease. Though, the person said, well our lease payments dont change still. Bottomline, you have to do your homework to find them.

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