Is this a good deal? M340i Lease


Hi guys just wondering how’s this deal?

I got this lease offer for a 2020 M340i
Not sure if it makes a different but is in the Central Florida area.

Willing to put 3k down
The vehicle doesn’t not have a lot of extra gadgets which I actually rather that.

No. just no. walk away

Pre-delivery service charge $999.

Just reading that makes me want to run away.

My friend got this car back in October for about $585 incl tax AND $0 drive offs. Similar MSRP and no loyalty.


Bad deal. Walk. No, RUN

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Have you read anything on this site? There may be more M340 deals posted than other other car. Search.

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You can get a 7 Series for that.

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It is a locate too… just thank them and move on.

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Yeah I couldn’t get them to lower the payments, also apparently the drive off fee were not negociable. I kept trying to make a better deal with them and dealer walked out.

Alright hackers thanks for the feedback on the previous deal.
Here is another lease offer same car model and year. Got a little better deal this time, what counter offer can I work on? FYI I’m willing to put 3k down.

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Don’t do this.

Also, just hire a broker.


Not making the deal yet. I am still negotiating with the dealer. If this is not deal then, where are they hiding the money?

You are putting $3,000 on a car that you are leasing… that is an awful idea. That is where the money is hiding

What MF are they charging

Not a good deal, plus you want more gauges. So I wouldn’t do it because down the line you will regret it. To give you an idea of a good deal my MSRP is 62k and I’m paying 563 a month.

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This is getting really old. There have been a TON of M340i post over the last few months. Use the search function.

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Not sure yet, I already ask for it waiting on the email.

Thank you, read them all but I want to get specifics on my offer not others. I am using all the other post as a template for my deal.

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Always an Oscar the grouch on this website.

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There is nothing unique about your offers. You have all the data you need from all the other post to be able to ascertain what is a good deal or not.

Let’s try a different approach here.

Based on all the other m340 deals you’ve seen on here, tell us why you think this is or isn’t a good deal.