Is this a good deal for 2022 Honda Civic LX?

I put the deposit, I want to check is this a good deal?
Doesn’t it have any useless fee??

Well lets see
22k car You got $600 off, nice
$236 payment, it’s ok
$2000 cash down. Meh.

It’s an ok deal…is it a great deal? No. Is it a 1% deal? No…but it’s an ok deal.

2k down and 254 a month ? Sound high for a Civic LX

Effective 310/month.

Did you check what’s supposed to be the RV and MF for your region ??


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Thanks your opinion!

MF is 0.0015
What is RV?

Residual value…66%

Yes i see that they quote you 0.0015.

RV = residual value at the end of the lease
By you they are quoting at 66%

Go to Edmunds honda civic forum and check what’s they are for your zip code

wow 66, I expected Hondas to be in the 70+

You should confirm the base MF & RV on Edmunds forum for your zip code.

Put all the numbers in LH Calculator

I would suggest go for $0 down.

Something is not adding up.

You’re putting 2,000 down but only 1,182.16 is being used for cap reduction.

Acquisition Fee is being capitalized.

DMV + initial fee only add up to 442.75

Still left with $375 somewhere

Which, of course, means absolutely nothing


I just put that there to get all old guys riled up :slight_smile:


Always a good plan to intentionally mislead people looking for help to get a rise out of the people trying to help.


Lol i dont think the objections to the 1% rule has anything to do with age lol

Nope, not ‘intentionally misleading’ I like the 1% ADVISEMENT. You and many others might not, but I do. So I’m a fan. But I also know the mere mention of it gets under people’s skin for some reason. Versus some of the Trusted Hackers who berate or make fun of the OP, I gave some advice that I believe in.

Age of the account, not of the USER. Hehe.

People don’t like bad, useless information propagated as something helpful, particularly when it tends to further confuse people that are trying to learn.


I don’t believe this as I’ve seen some of the posts on this site from Trusted Hackers. It’s useless to you and many others, but not to everyone.

If you have to ask what this is… The best place to start:

Please read links in there such as “how to calculate payments” and other helpful articles.

It might seem like a lot but TBH there are fewer <60 minute exercises which will save you so much time, money and anxiety over your driving lifetime.

It may also save you (after your negotiations with LH input) inside the finance office where no one can from the internet can really help you.

Remember, it’s almost impossible to reverse-engineer the math starting from the output (monthly payment) and figure out if it’s a good deal. Start at the beginning.


It’s a alright deal considering the market.
Total lease cost $11,144
Residual $14,991
Honestly not a bad deal.


This is the 2nd or 3rd thread where you have posted the rv and lease cost and tried to draw a conclusion from them. Are you trying to suggest that this is (or isnt) a good deal because the lease cost is less than the rv?

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