Is this a good deal - BMW X1

I’ve been offered this deal on a 2016 BMW X1 - 36months/10K. I’m in Mass.

MSRP: $45,135
Negotiated Price: $39,495
MF - 0.00138 (negotiated down from 0.00160)
61% residual
Sales Tax is 6.25%

Fees are $521.5 in document and registration fees

Total payment at drive off would be $1993.45 (1st month’s payment + acquisition fee + doc fees)
Monthly payment would be $450.

I’m considering doing MSDs (7)- which would bring the payment down to $416.
I could also just do MSDs and roll all the fees into the capital cost.

Just not sure which way to go?


Not the best deal. You can get an X3 for that kind of money:
They also have X1s for a lot less:

Dealer post - or legit?

No it’s legit. Before we leased our Equinox, we almost leased an X3 from them in December and everything on the website aligned with what we were given. The X3 was just too much money for us at the time. Friends of ours lease through them regularly and love them