Is this a good deal, Alfa Romeo Stelvio

MSRP $45,590
LIST $37,648
ACQ FEE $595
SALE PRICE $38,243
CAP RED $2898
TOTAL $39,451
REBATE $4107

Drive off is first month $357, 24/10 $357 tax included. (Florida taxed) Nothing else down.

This is one of the models that were made After december so it does not have the wiper recall

There are better deals in other states, the same car here in NC is leasing for $299 tax included per month, 24/10. Sales tax is 3% though.

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That 299 deal is not sellable right now due to the recall, also FL, tax takes it to $326

Yes , it is. The Alfa of the Triad have just gotten 40 new Stelvios not subject to the recall. I was offered and about to sign the lease, before I decided to take the Volvo S90 deal. Of course, the 299 deal is just for NC residents.


According to their sales team, all of the Stelvio for 299 (326) are under recall, and the cheapest one that is not under recall is the (fl) 357, is it bait and switch?

I dont know which sales team you are talking about - the one here in NC or down there in FL? Isn’t FL state tax 6% or your county has much higher sales tax? I don’t see where the $326 is coming from, my estimate for FL including tax would be around 310-315 per month.

I am talking about Fiat of Greensboro, I have been talking to them, (I may be wrong about 6%) but when they gave me the numbers off the $299, it changed to $326, and when I asked for the agreement, I was told currently there is nothing available at that price till the recall is corrected. so the next one up (based on the FL. tax rate) is $357

Ok, that is strange . I talked with Naudia Cloud and she did say they have 40 new Stelvio coming , but they have only red and white color for the lease promotion. I was given the green light to sign on the vehicle with MSRP $45,590.

Thank you!

Yea they would not let me sign it till they correct the issue. and they are not 100% about when the parts are coming in. so for $31 more a month is it worth getting this car?..Locally they want the $320 plus 3k down.

Thank you for the original post, I am pretty sure that’s how i found this deal. All while traveling out of the country.

Naudia emailed me on
04/14: " Yes we heard back from the FCA the parts should be here on the 23rd. We have 40 new stelvios on their way. They will arrive Monday. We can work out numbers once they are here and you are more than welcome to come in and test drive sign all papers and we can deliver once the recall is fixed! "

04/16 : "We are still running the same lease specials as last month. We are bringing in 40 vehicles between today and tomorrow however, we only have red and white available for 299 down and 299 a month. "

Then she was eager for me to sign the lease at the beginning of this week, but I backed off since my wife wants the Volvo S90 instead.

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The dealer would sell out of state. Right?

Yes 2020202029393929

Is this TI or base?

Base 2020202021010101

Is this mainly a regional lease support or huge dealer discounts? I see adds in my area for 299 but they all want 4k down for the 44k msrp version.

I don’t know about the wiper recall but there are two other recalls I just saw yesterday from late March for seals and leakage which makes me wonder if they were so bad wiring harnesses were melting and catching on fire or something.

It’s the lowest I’ve seen on a Stelvio, but not sure I’d want to deal with one and the inevitable issues, even at a low price point.

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Water ingress issue on both counts from my reading. No catching fire or the like. For one of the recalls, the water would cause random elec problems and for the other, the rear hatch would randomly open (this may not seem major but the NTHSA viewed it that stuff could potentially fall out and be a danger to other traffic).

I’m waiting to see the incentives go up - which they surely should do again.


Seems like a very good deal on the surface, but without details, it’s hard to tell if you could do better.

Can you share more details, i’m also currently talking with local dealer in TX area - they mentioned offering $8K in discounts and rebates. How should I proceed?

I don’t want to visit dealer unless I come to agreement via email.

Call the deal, im pretty sure they will let you pick it up for out of state.