Is this a good deal? 328i 2016 excutive demo lease


I was wondering if this is a good deal and should I pulled the trigger or not?

Car MRSP: 49145
Car has: 13K miles
Car cost: 39000
MF rate is 0.001370, 12 miles/ 36 months.
Qualified for $1k recent grad bonus.

After the discounts, mileage adjustment ($.20 per mile?).

The total is $381 per month including all taxes.

Pretty sure if I put down 7 MSDs it will be even lower. But do you think I can negotiate the price down even lower?

You’ll be well under 350 with msd. I kind of feel you can get at least 5-6k off a new one.

If you can negotiate another 2600 off, that will make the payment 300 and a sweet deal.

Well this is a 2016 model with all the packages installed so I’d rather get this than a base model. :slight_smile:

I feel like I should, thank you. Is that 300 include the MSD or without the MSD? :slight_smile:

Don’t thank us, it’s you who is doing the hard work. Just ask for 2.5k extra off. They might resist and offer less but you ahould get there. After everything is said and done, offer the msd for further savings.

Flyer89, just so that you understand the math, dealer removes .25 cents for each mile above 500 miles. In your case: 13k - 500 = 12,500 * 0.25 = $3,125.

So that $10k off that they are giving you is really $7k off.

My advice is to try to get at least $9k AFTER mileage adjustment.

I would try to fool the dealer into giving you $10k off on a car with fewer miles (E.g 5k miles). It may be much easier than them giving you an additional $2.5k on that one.

They remove it from the residual value, which actually adds to the total cost of the lease.

I think you’re right, what can I do? Beside asking for a lower price of course.

Hi Chris, why would a less mileage car give more discounts in this case? Thank you in advance for your response.

Ok so I’m at the final negotiating phrase with the dealership, could someone explain to me “Customer cash” and “min drive off” please. So do I just pay the drive off quote which usually include the first month fee, acq fee+ tax? or does that include “customer cash” + “min drive off” ? Does customer cash mean money down? Cause I didn’t want to put money down at all. Please let me know. Thank you.

does the residual go down the more miles the demo has? or how is that handled?

Because they remove 25 cents to the residual for each mile above 500 miles. Look at my math above

You might find this thread from Bimmerpost helpful in regards to the mileage penalty. The info is from a long time car industry insider (user name Ninong)…