Is this a good deal? 2023 BMW 330i deal check

Is this a good deal ? Considering the current times we are in.

2023 BMW 330i in Orange county, California

I’m feeling generous, I ran this for you, looks like a clean deal.

8% off MSRP, no add-ons, MF can’t be marked up anyway sine this is the loyalty program.

Basically this is a clean 8% off deal. Cacl’ing out around the same payment with a 799 dealer fee that I randomly picked.

It would be better to get a full breakdown but generally speaking I’d say you should take this deal.


if you’re open to buying nationwide and pm me all wanted, I could ask my dealer… who may be willing to beat this. got an x3 this month from them 10ish off MSRP

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Thanks for your input . I’m gonna try to email a couple dealers and see if I could get a better deal . I have seen other people post their deals on similar cars and it makes me feel like I’m getting ripped off . What do u think ? Is it possible to get a better deal similar to the ones posted on here ? Thanks :+1:

I really wouldn’t bother. This seems pretty good. How much is your time worth for another 1-2% max?

You’re not getting ripped off at all, you’re getting a pretty solid deal on par with what most brokers would offer. Socal is a tough market too.

If you really want to try to push it, tell them if they make the sale price 44k even you’ll come in and sign tomorrow, but ONLY SAY THIS IF YOU’LL ACTUALLY DO IT! Do not re-neg if you say that.


Your deal seems to be better than most broker’s deal, keep in mind you deal has no loyalty nor MSD’s baked in.


Since your in So Cal you may want to see if @BMW_Dave can chime in and see what he can do…


He is on the loyalty lease program on the sheet he posted, so I would assume this does have loyalty in it, but I don’t know the available cash incentives in the western region to confirm.

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He’s showing 1k rebate, from Edmunds it’s

@clutch’s calculator showing 2K total for March, but agreed it seems like a decent and straight forward deal, one of the better deal sheet I’ve seen in terms of clarity (not that I’m an expert).


Interesting, @Bmw357 worth you double checking the incentives if what @sharksfan15 posted there is accurate.

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@Bmw357 this is a solid deal and there’s nothing hidden that would need to be disclosed. I wouldn’t touch this right now (I’ve got no 330i in stock!) and honestly don’t know why a dealership would do a $3,8xx discount on a car that is in such short supply.

Not trying to steer people away from contacting me either. Just hoping to let this community know what a unicorn looks like these days (this is one). This deal is stupid, from a dealer perspective. Don’t insult them by asking for more off, or even a 44k even price. Take the deal and be stoked that you got it!

My two cents for what it’s worth.


/end thread…if a dealer is telling you it’s a unicorn, I’d walk in with a smile on my face to the dealer as fast as I can.


Saw your message I’m open to buying an i4 nationwide

Seems like a pretty fair deal. If you have an OL code or BMW CCA, they could be worth an additional $500 each (incentive and rebate). Otherwise this is probably as good as you’ll do.

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