Is this a Good Deal?....2018 Alfa Romeo Ti Sport AWD Deal

New to the forum and new to leasing… appreciate your insights!

2018 Alfa Romeo Ti Sport AWD
***MSRP $51,040
***Price after discount & rebate: $39,708
36mo/12k miles $519 DAS, $519/mo
36mo/15k miles $549 DAS, $549/mo

I believe my military rebate is included.

Is this a good deal compared to the market?

Thanks for all of your help!

I just got at 2018 Stevlio Ti — MSRP: $51+k. $0 DAS. 24 months / 12,000 miles. $500/ month including taxes. SoCal.

Edit (to add the below):
Agreed upon price of vehicle: $42,068.75
Gross Cap Cost: $42,333.75
Cap Cost Reduction: $3,896.80
Adjusted Cap Cost: $38,436.95
Residual Value: $27,634.20
Depreciation and any amortized amounts: $10,802.75
Rent Charge: $156.13
Total of base scheduled payments: $10,958.88
Lease Payments: 24
Base Scheduled Payment: 456.62
Sales/use tax (estimated): $43.38
Total Scheduled Payment: $500.00