Is this a good deal? 2018 Acura TLX

First time hacker here. (Unfortunately not first time leaser, wish I had known about this site earlier :grinning:) How does this look?

2018 Acura TLX 2.4 with Tech Package
MSRP: $37,650
Selling Price: $29,473 (incl rebates)
Tax: $1,768.38 (6% on the full sales price in MD - killer!)
Fees: $1,530 ($975 freight, $300 document, $255 tags and registration)
Total cap cost: $32,771.38
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00054
Residual: 52%
Total Due At Signing: $3,500 (Tax, Fees, 1st month payment)
Monthly Payment: $336 and change
Zip Code: 20852 (Maryland)
Sales Tax Rate: 6% (on full sale price)

A couple questions:

  • Should the dealer discount be broken out from the incentives or does that not matter?
  • Is it normal that they’re adding the fees and taxes to the cap cost then counting my payment of the taxes and fees upfront as a cap cost reduction? (Maybe they’re just presenting it that way on the deal sheet to keep it clean)

$336 with $3,500 out of pocket feels a bit high. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Not too bad of a deal. What are the rebates being given? MF is low so not much markup there. The rebates get taxed so that is part of the calculations. Did you ask to see what things look like rolling the sales tax into the monthly payment?

According to my research there’s $5,875 in standard incentives being offered.

Initially the payment was ~$456 with $0 due at signing. I then told them to come back with final offer if I paid taxes and fees upfront, and that’s what they brought me, so I haven’t seen what this deal would look like if the taxes were rolled into the payment.

My goal is to get as close to $300/month as possible while minimizing cash due at signing. Any advice on how to proceed from here?

Hmm, not sure that all adds up. Play with the calculator. Getting that to $300/month and nothing up front is a long-shot.

Is that $975 freight the destination charge? It looks like they are hitting you for a second freight charge.

2.4L w/ tech MSRP is $36,700 plus $965 = $37,665

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