Is this a good deal 2018 accord sport

Ok so getting ready to sign this deal let me know if I should go ahead and get this done
2018 Accord Sport
36 months 12k per year
Negotiated sales price: 22314
Acquisition fee: 595
Registration fee: 275
Taxes: 534
Total due at signing: 2498
Monthly payment: 189

This is as good a deal as I’ve seen on an Accord Sport…if I were I’d put less money down.

Is the deal for 1.5 or 2.0?

looking at the msrp, has to be a 1.5t…

Sorry to mention it’s a 1.5

Payment wise it looks fantastic. I wish I could get a 2018 Accord sport for $258 a month, I would hop on that asap. Do you have to put anything down? That’s the only thing that sucks. If you get into an accident in a few months, God forbid, and your car is a total loss the money you put down on it won’t come back to you.

Thank you very much for the advice I will go in today to sign paperwork. The total due at signing is 2498 that includes all dmv fees, taxes , acquisition fee and cap cost reduction.

So about $1400-1500 of your DAS is just a cap cost reduction? We generally like to recommend putting down as little up front as possible.

Why not pay $1000 DAS (fees, tax, DMV) and then about $230/month?

I totally get what u are saying it’s just when I do my monthly expenses I always leave under 200 for my car note. So I feel a little better putting the money upfront and being under 200. I completely get the concept of the car is totaled I lose the 2500. I just wanted to be under 200 and I wanted an accord sport.

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Just taxes and fees is about 1300 and cap cost reduction is about 1200 to get me to 189

Good deal. Should have positive equity at end.

If you’re not set on Sport (if you’re getting the CVT and not 6MT), there are better deals to be had on EX, EX-L and Touring due to much higher lease cash.

That’s an insane deal. I leased a 2016 sport a couple of years ago, 400 out of pocket and $225 a month. I’m surprised by that deal since all I’m hearing are deals in the mid 300s

What NY dealer is this?

I just leased a touring 1.5T touring with a ton ton ton of options

Remote start
Heated coolant seats
19 inch wheels
Front rear parking sensors
Heads up display

$1200 down and $269.50 a month 36/10

That is a really awesome deal!! $189 monthly. I was looking into honda accord, however it is was in the mid 200. Btw, which dealer in nyc

its misleading – OP is putting cash down towards cap cost reduction

Average monthly cost is $258 which is truly impressive

Not here in Florida. My local Honda dealers are all owned by the same private business owner and they have awful stereotype sales people.

I’m getting a good deal on a 2019 camry se I’m signing for this Monday ($285 a month, $0 down, first month covered by dealer) but I really would of preferred a 2018 Accord ex or civic ex. All the Honda dealers wouldn’t give me sales prices or willing to work with me. Op found a really good dealer, I hope he enjoys the car. Really wish he would go in with $0 down or attempt to.

I was looking into Camry SE but figures were coming in for me around 315-350. …sort of didn’t shop it aggressively.

The deal I got for the touring Accord 1.5 is $17 more a month than your deal on the SE

What’s the MSRP and sale price for that car?
Does it come with leather, navigation, sunroof, remote start, heated coolant seats?

I’ll send you a pm since this will be off topic.

If anyone wants dealer info pm me it’s in westchester.