Is this a good deal? 2016 Jag XF R

2016 Jaguar XF R sport
15k miles per year
33 month term
50% residual
.00061 money factor
Msrp $74235
Negotiated price $57880
Including window tint and 3 years paid maintenance

I’ve never leased before and need some advice if this is a good deal. I am supposed to pick up the car tomorrow AM and sign. Thanks!


Is that with tax included? Also, are you putting anything down?

Only first month’s payment down. Tax included too!

This is a solid deal then! Good rule of thumb is under if your monthly payment is under 1% of MSRP then you’re in good shape. Obviously there is a lot of variables to that, but none the less still good to go by. This is a little more than I payed for my '16 F-TYPE with an MSRP of $79,995 but I only have 10k miles annually. XF R is a beautiful car though, wish the dealer near me had one left. Best of luck at signing tomorrow, enjoy the beautiful ride!

Sweet thank you sub28! This is my first lease. I’m a realtor and calculated my miles to be about 14k/year so I should be good as to not going over. I love the '16 restyle and new equipment. Super excited! Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it. Cheers!

That’s a great deal Alison for 15k miles. Congrats on the discount 74k to 57k. Sub28 also got a great deal. With these deals, tempting for my next lease to be a jag.

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This is a great deal… was this a demo model or a < 100 mile brand new car?

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Thanks guys! The XF R has stolen my heart!
Ended up getting them from 74,235 MSRP to 57,011 sales price. Money factor of .00051 and 48% residual value for 15k miles a year. Which got my payment down to $815/mo. There are more upgrades and added technology than even the XF RS that I also saw at the dealership. 3 years of paid maintenance is a huge deal for me considering the payment is essentially my all in cost plus tires. I’m a realtor so the mileage was also a big plus. The car was a demo from the Jaguar Alive event and had 1,122 miles on it (brand new to me!)

Here’s the link if you want to see my new ride! text

Do it! I’m loving mine and excited about what Tata is doing for the brand. This past weekend on a road trip I only saw two other Jag’s on the road. I love that they are edgy and different.

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