Is this a good 2016 Corolla lease deal?

2016 Corolla Le

Msrp $19500
36 month lease $103 month

1st payment $2699 down (includes 1st payment $103)

$499 doc fee

Las Vegas Nv


Generally there’s no reason to put money down on a lease, if you roll in all those fees, it looks to be about $190/month. Is this with or without tax?

Personally, I’d try to go up in trim level but try to stay below 200/month everything included.

If you are just trying to get a car for cheap, look at the VW Jetta, you can get those for way less than a corolla.

does not include taxes…

thanks illl check out the jetta, looking for a cheap 2 or 3 year lease dont care what car it tis, just the cost.

Yea, for a cheap car in California either a Jetta or get an electric car for very cheap using CA rebate.

Take a look here for some ideas on numbers for a Jetta

You should be to do well under 200 a month, $0 down including all taxes and fees, take a look here Help me vet my lease deal on a 2016 Jetta 1.4t SE!

thanks for the jetta tip!

wow thats super cheap

If you go for the Jetta, it works out better with a 36 month instead of 24.