Is this a deal worth singing on? Any room for improvement? 2019 Mazda3 Hatch

So I’ve been going back and fourth with dealerships about the 2019 Mazda 3 Hatch in the Preferred Package trim and this is the best offer I have gotten this far.

What I’m being offered is $239 a month (that’s including tax) with a drive off of $750 that covers tax, first month, and registration.

Is there any room for improvement in this deal? What exactly should I try to negotiate? I wanted to pay less for my drive off if I’m being frank but I ended up settling with this because I kept getting shut down by dealers, also the monthly is close to what I wanted to pay but not exactly there. Can this be pushed any further?

MSRP: 26420
Sale Price: 24013 (9.1%)
Term: 36/10k
RV: 52%
MF: .00001
Zero Down
Incentives are 3165 (2415 in manuf. Incentives and 750 Loyalty)
Acq Fee: 595
Doc Fee: 85
Registration: 329
Tax: 8.75% (92503)

Here’s my (Fixed, Thanks Jon*) LH Calculator:

You didn’t add the doc fees. This pretty much matches.

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Hey! Checked into a Mazda dealership today after speaking through email for about a week and was working out the final lease price and then they started speaking about packages.

Basically told me it would be $9 extra a month to upgrade my lease to a premium lease, and that includes all my maintenance for the next 3 years and when I turn in my lease I’m forgiven for up to $1,000 worth of damages. If I decide to go back should I get it thrown on or leave it off?

Does Mazda offer any damage waiver already included? Otherwise, you can change your oil for $20 and swap an air filter once a year for $8.

I know chase does 1k worth of damage automatically, So I guess that answers my question. Thank you!

I’m finishing the lease on my 2016 Mazda 3, and it included $1000 of damage plus vouchers for 3 oil changes. It wasn’t a premium lease. I had an end-of-lease inspection and was told all the damage would be covered. There’s still a $300 disposition fee if I don’t get another Mazda.

I’m still in the process of trying to decide if I want another one. I’ve been very happy with it except for the fuel efficiency sort of being subpar. Did you also look at the 2020? Was the 2019 a much better price? Online it looks like the 2020 is just $10 a month more, but in practicality that may not be the case.

Yeah, there are about 2k more in Incentives on the 2019 compared to the 2020. I ended up singing on one later today at a different dealership. Got a lower price from them and they threw in the oil changes for free on the duration of my lease.

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That’s awesome! I don’t think there’s a significant difference between the 19 and the 20 (I could be mistaken??) so that amount of savings definitely makes the 19 the winner. Congrats on signing. What dealership did you end up signing with, if you don’t mind sharing? My lease ends December 6 so I need to kick into gear.

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Thank you! I signed with Spreen Mazda, was a very easy-going process and we worked all the numbers out before I came in, basically just did paper work for about an hour and a half then drove off. I went to the Corona Mazda today as well and had a pretty bad experience, they tried selling me a car with paint that was peeling that they knew of and didn’t mention lol. If you can get a nice quote from somewhere written out Spreen would beat it with ease. I ended up getting a little over 10% off MSRP before incentives.

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Thanks so much for the tips! Enjoy your new car!

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