Is this 2018 BMW X5 (loaner) a good deal?


Could you please look at this and tell me if it’s a good deal?

No. Not close.

Thank you for responding. Any suggestions?

Much much much larger discount.

For Texas it’s not terrible but can be a lot better. They’re only giving you ~8% discount, plus I think $1k incentive from BMW. Do you have BMW/Mini loyalty?

It’s the outgoing model so I’d want more discount and sales tax credits. It’s difficult though as BMW seem reluctant to help dealers move these leftover units. I would aim for ~10% discount, plus incentives, plus sales tax credits which would take you to around $680p/m.

edit: just saw that’s it’s a loaner. Someone got an offer of an X5 in Houston for $550p/m a month or 2 ago here so this is way out from that.

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Unless I’m missing something, it’s a loaner (4K miles) with an msrp of around 63k and they’re only discounting it by about 10%.

Check other threads, but I think people are getting 18-20% off on similar vehicles.

$800/month for a $63k used car that’s now a generation old is a horrible deal and you can do better.

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Aj- it’s a loaner.

Worth a flight to New England

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I don’t have the loyalty. This is for my mother and she drives a yukon.
I have called 4 BMW dealers here and they don’t want to budge off list- it’s crazy!
This is the first that would even negotiate at all.

AJ, thanks for the info. He told me on the phone that he would give me all the tax credits. When I asked for the deal on paper, this is what he sent.
Are they changing the body style? UGH- this is for my mother and I need to not screw it up…

Which dealers did you try? Would it be in your name or your mothers name? If whosever name it’s going to be under, you might be best off going for the X5 40e as you can get a ~$7k in income tax rebates as it’s a hybrid (basically the same vehicle but you get a bigger discount).

I’ll PM you the guy I got my X5 from near DFW.

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Can’t comment about TX, but In the Northeast, you should be getting at least 15% discount off MSRP for a loaner. Keep in mind the current mileage drops the RV about $1,000, thus essentially a reduction in the discount by the same amount. I also don’t see any lease credit which should be at least $1,000. If they are rolling that into their discount, then that is an terrible price. At this price point, you could likely get a new ‘18 X5 for cheaper as they may have better incentives plus the BMW CCA debate. Pretax you should be under $600/month for a loaner to even consider it for a $63k MSRP car.

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The 2019s are a totally new re-design, you should see them listed on most dealer pages/on the lots now

WOW, well I missed that! UGH… strike 2! Thank you!