Is there any lease support on 2016 Jaguar F-Types?

Year: [2016]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Jaguar F-TYPE Base or Premium]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [80108]

Is there any lease support on 2016 models or not really?

Jan End - 33,36,39 was 54% 54% and 53% for 10k

Add 1% for 7500 miles

Same MF of .00279.

MF is the deal killer here even for 2017’s, comes to about 200 a month.

Oh jeez yeah you’re right. Even on 2017s with a good discount and high residuals the mf makes the car unreasonable to lease =(

Yes, but someone on edmunds was apparently able to find a 16 with a crazy 22k discount and was able to work out a reasonable deal. So good luck on that.

Also, heard US Bank MF is good in the 100’s for the 2017’s, so searching for a dealer who works with them, Let me know if you find someone too.

Oh really? I’ll have to take a look. I’m not actively looking since i do still have a car that I’d have to get rid of before being able to sign for a new lease. When I called US Bank they told me to just go talk to a bank and they’d be able to start the process to figure out the rf/mv though I didn’t really feel like going through all of that trouble since I’m not immediately ready to start a new lease