Is there any benefit/negative buying or leasing in a different state?

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Living in Fairfield County here in CT, when searching for vehicles naturally we get a ton of dealerships who are relatively close in NY and NJ. Was curious if there are any benefits looking to acquire a new vehicle in a different state? I know with leasing they will ask you your zip and incentives are based on where you live, but hypothetically could I lease a new Jeep for less in NY as opposed to a dealer here in CT?

The benefit is that nj/ny marks up pricing typically much higher then other areas. So if your travel/shipping costs are better then the price local it’s worth it. I sell prob 75% of my lease deals to the ny/nj area, my dealer is typically $1000s less. If looking for a Toyota let me know

Yes, one of the keys to getting a good deal on a new car is willingness to shop outside your local area. Rarely will your local dealer offer the best deal. My last 2 leases have come from out of state, the one before that was actually in state but a 4 hour drive away.

Any problem with taxes or registration etc?. The bottom line of course is the lowest mtly payment that after all is said and done makes sense to travel out of state

Since you didn’t put State down in the title I can see someone checking this out.
So putting down my state rules.

If you are planning to move the car to CA, it must be a 50 state car (There’s a tag for that on the car) or have 7500 miles on it. If it isn’t either, then you cannot move the car to CA from any other location.

Lowest dealer fees are in NY.

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Negative - lemon law.