Is there any 15k lease in the lower $200’s/mth?

Trying to help my sister out and not sure if her expectations are realistic. She needs a 15k mile lease for $200-$220 per month.

Is there any vehicle that would fall into those parameters?

Thanking you in advance.

With 0 drive offs, I doubt. Maybe if you try hard fir a Jetta. You missed out last month on the Encores. Maybe wait till next month.

Yeah, was gonna say checkout @rubbergash Jetta S lease if you’re in SoCal. It’ll probably be close to $200/mo for 15k. Lowest trim and outgoing model, but beggars can’t be choosers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I was actually just looking at that spreadsheet before you posted. The only problem is that my sister is in Maryland.

Should have said that at the start. It’s a state that taxes the price of the vehicle

Which is a state that taxes the price of a vehicle? Maryland or California?

She lives right on the boarder with Pennsylvania so can purchase there as well if we can find her a deal.


I got quotes on Jetta Wolfsburg for $203 with zero down and zero drive offs. That was 12k a year 36 months. So that would be close to you budget. Quote from Santa Anna VW.

Jetta S or Impreza Base Sedan.

2018 or 2019? Should I be able to find something closer to me similar to the deals you posted?

In Maryland bordering PA (Hanover is about 20 minutes away).

My brother in law is financing a Subaru Outback. Any loyalty cash this month thru Subaru?

No, There is no Loyalty Cash.

Doesn’t matter where you buy. Taxes are based on where you live and Maryland has high taxes on leases.