Is there a TrueCar for leasing?

I’ve us d TrueCar in the past to get awesome deals on a couple of new cars, I’m looking to lease a new car (MB, BMW etc), but I have yet to find a straight forward way of getting lead quotes. PMed a couple brokers here but they never followed up. Any recommendations would be appreciated

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Yah, it’s called truecar. TrueCar just points towards the sales price of the vehicle, which is used in your negotiating your lease.

Truecar isn’t actually that great for pricing. It’s friendly to the dealer and includes a referral fee, so it is possible to do much better without it

Yup. It’s called leasehackr and you’re in it. I find hackr here posting more realistic pricing than any other source.


Carvoy but it is limited to certain states.

This is true, originally it was a helpful resource but then it grew big enough to attract the attention of the manufacturers and now they are like KBB or Edmunds without the reviews…

IIRC a large number of dealers were about to drop them. They were caught between a rock and a hard place.

also google “{name of car} price paid” and you will find forums (usually Edmunds or Reddit) for the car where real people post their deals.