Is there a PSA from admins on what not to ask or post in these difficult times? (COVID-19)

I see a lot of threads opening and then closing.

People are genuinely curious and wondering. And they may just have come to the board today. So didn’t know that threads are opening and closing.

How about admins posting a top of forum guide or similar?

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I think it’s just the hypothetical topics. Most dealers on the site are currently out of work and brokers are in a holding pattern for the most part. So asking a hypothetical question that isn’t in off ramp will get closed quick.


I totally agree with that. It’s just that people haven’t seen those posts and start a new thread, or ask a question that ie best left unasked. And that just frustrates those here. And the person asking.

I am just thinking that something like a PSA would work.

Most of the items that have been closed are hypothetical questions that nobody has the answer to. Flooding the board with speculative questions and answers adds no value. Many have also been asked multiple times. Likewise, questions pertaining to lease maturity and dealership closure, which should be asked to a captive and not here, as nobody here will know. I understand people sitting on the telephone waiting for someone to answer is frustrating, but this is where those questions should be directed. Not to an Internet forum of people that don’t know either, and are purely guessing.

Others have been closed for deviating way too far from the initial intent and/or becoming overly political in nature. If politics is important, watch CNN or Fox. We don’t need it here.


People should be using the search tool. While some of these posts are new members, there have been others that have asked who should know better being longer term members of the board.


Were dealers given any time frame for how long they would be closed? Or is it just a day by day thing?

Some in NY and NJ are 30 days right now. I think MA is the same.

Just to add to what has already been said. This forum has a ton of information. If you are new, use the search function 'cos 9 out 10, your question has probably already been addressed.

To recap, some questions that have been asked over and over again these past few days:

  1. Q: Are lease incentives and deals going to get better next month?
    A: No one knows.
  2. Q: Should I extend my lease given current conditions?
    A: We can’t tell you what to do. You have to make that decision on your own.
  3. Q: Should I wait to buy/lease a car now, hoping to score a deal?
    A: If you need a car now and your finances are solid, then go for it. If you don’t need a car now, then it might be best to wait. Again, that is going to be up to you.
  4. Q: With some dealerships closing, will I be able to return my lease?
    A: Call the dealership or the captive (bank that financed your lease).
  5. Q: Can you help me with the LH calculator? The dealer numbers don’t match.
    A: If you can’t make sense of the dealer quote/numbers, why not go back to the dealer for clarification.

Folks are being laid off and who knows what will happen these next few weeks or next months.


According to whom?

A lot of brokers have posted shutdowns, the dealers I work with have a skeleton crew and are closing up prior deals. Let @Bostoncarconcierge speak to his dealers, but I believe he said the same.

This will vary by state

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MA dealers are not currently required to close as of 3/22.

Things are changing day by day of course.

Right now, most, including mine, are only doing in state deals due to RMVs/Town Halls being closed in neighboring states. If people don’t mind waiting 2 weeks or so for registration to be completed, some dealers are utilizing a runner service to mail everything in to the other state.


Same here for Texas dealers. Some of the people have reduced hours, but otherwise, they are open for business and doing deals. We closed two in the last few days, have one closing this week (fingers crossed on that!), and we’re still accepting customers until we’re told otherwise. We have one dealer that is trying to clear remaining 2019s, so we’re pushing pretty hard on those.

Thanks…moral of the story folks is ask the broker what there situation is or call the dealer your working with. I assume all are going to do what they can do to move vehicles, in NY it seems a grey area right now.

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Where did the 30 day timeframe come from?

Had a few local dealers tell me there skeleton crew for next few weeks. Just trying to get what is already in process out. Brokers come second, a lot of their reps are getting laid off or let go.

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It’s ridiculous that the mods are shutting down these posts. The rationale makes no sense. Just because you don’t have the exact answer, doesn’t mean people shouldn’t attempt to forecast the impacts. China saw a 90% drop in car sales. This is the biggest driver by far of future car sales and the mods don’t want anyone to talk about it? How nuts!

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Totally understand where your coming from my friend but people (Dealer staff) on here may have just lost there income for the foreseeable future. It’s all speculation and new people on here tend to do more damage with speculation than anything. They have to be closed because there isn’t an answer yet.

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No one is being discouraged from talking about future car sales or asking for some feedback on a proposed deal. However, it does not help anyone to speculate on what might happen next month. One thing is for sure, car sales have been and will continue to be impacted.


Ok this is the third time. If you don’t know, that’s fine just say so.

Repeating the same words without answering the question is pointless.