Is the used car market softening? Want to buy a Q7

I really want to buy a Q7 for so long now and delayed my gratication for many years. We need a car for occasional runs. I was wondering if it is a good idea to buy it now or wait. I like the model from 2016-2020 bodystyle. I know Doug DeMuro had bought a range rover with extended warranty from Carmax which turned out to pay him back, do you suggest doing something similar? Thanks

As a 2022 Q7 lessee, let me know what you find so amazing and aspirational about the Q7 and I will dispel that myth.

Moreover, given that you can pick up a new VW Atlas for the same price as a 2019 Q7, you are really only paying for the badge (and interior materials) obviously much nicer in the Audi.

the only difference between a q7 and atlas are interior materials and the badge? ive had enough internet for today


I really liked the bodystyle of the Q7 and had wanted one for a long time. I should have leased when in end of 2019.

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