Is the residual and MF determined on where you live or where you purchase the vehicle?

If I lease a vehicle from a dealer in a different region which MF and residual applies - mine or the dealers? Or does it not make a difference? And how about the incentives?

Yes, makes a huge difference

Which manufacturer?

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Dealer’s location. Taxes - your location.

In my specific case - Volvo.

One of the reasons Edmunds forums are recommended…specific to your Zip, and can make or break a deal. For example I was targeting a 2020 Bolt for sub-$100/month, and only could get there thanks to a regional Incremental CCR which put me in line with others that had Loyalty/Conquest that I didn’t, but they weren’t in my region.

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Depends on the brand. For Volvo, it’s tied to your home address, and that includes residual, money factor and all applicable incentives. Audi, and BMW, for example, it would be tied to the dealer location.

Taxes would always be tied to your zip.

Understand completely. I am working with a broker in a different region than mine and ran the numbers through the calculator and saw there was a difference - which ends up being there is a bigger lease bonus in my area.

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So you are saying that if - in my zip - Volvo has a lease bonus of $ 2,250 - but where the car is coming from has a lease bonus of $ 1,150 - I should be getting the $ 2,250 bonus?

This matters because some OEMs/captives set rates nationally, some regionally and some even down to the DMA level.

Residual is almost always national, but it doesn’t have to be. I don’t know if any captives that vary at a region or market level, but this may be the case.

Lease cash absolutely does vary by market even for OEMs/captives that set rates nationally.

For Volvo, yes. If you give me your zip, I can confirm your incentive amount.

Edmunds advised $ 2,250 lease bonus when I checked last week.

‘519? Need the full 5

Sorry - 27519.

What model and trim

You are wrong about Volvo. The only thing tied to your location is the targeted incentive, like retention bonus.

XC60 - T5 Momentum and also looking at the T5 Inscription. (The $ 2,250 was for the momentum)

What’s the zip of the dealership just to make sure

Dealer zip is 07446.

Volvo incentives are determined by dealership location, regional programs are too.

General Motors is the one that comes to mind with customer specific incentives and programs.

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