Is the Defendant Responsible to the Insurance Company?

Maybe try higher ups?

Possible that once your phone number is in their system and linked to a claim, it gets re-routed to the same rep automatically. Try a google number?


Thank you!

From everything I’ve read, it’s my opinion that you need to contact an attorney that handles “bad faith” claims against insurance companies. They’re out there, just look around. After screening your initial complaint, they’ll evaluate your case, and if it’s as good as your notes indicate, they’ll probably take it on a contingency. Before choosing one to work with, be sure to check Yelp for feedback on their experience and success stories to make sure you’re getting a good one who consistently operates in this arena. If he/she is successful, they can get you a lot more money than the $2,500 you’re upset about. Were talking “ten’s of thousands” of dollars here, and your notes indicate that you’ve got a lot more going for you than the average “bad faith” client. Using the family lawyer doesn’t cut it, because he/she doesn’t have the knowledge nor experience to attain the outcome you’re looking for. I’ve over 30 years in the auto insurance business and I know of what I speak.


I read the whole thread and I’m amazed the general sentiment ranges from “just move on” to people going as far as saying “you sound like a Karen”. @BPitch - the system of checks and balances in the universe failed you across many levels:

  1. You happened to encounter scum that after running into you claimed you did it to him, attempted to back-date damages… and not taking this path out of desperation, given new cars, etc
  2. Your insurance not only failed to accurately represent you, they appear to be going out of their way to do so, acting against their own self-interest in the process
  3. Escalation paths through regulating agencies aren’t working as they’re supposed to
  4. The mickey mouse court judge awarded you a 1/10th of the overall amount for no apparent reason whatsoever
  5. All while fighting a health battle

I know we all love gif’s here, but what happened to
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(or a woman in this case)

Refusing to be walked on and wanting justice for yourself is not petty at all!
Unfortunately, I don’t have any actionable advice or insights - but hated to see the wall of misunderstanding you met in this thread. I’m with you!!!

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