Is the current Acura ILX incentive a good deal?

I was looking at the current incentives for on the Acura website and at first appearance the lease looks like a reasonable deal but I thought I would check here first.

MSRP: 28840 (includes destination, excludes tax, license, title fee, registration, documentation fee, options, insurance and the like)
Net Cap Cost: $25,998.41 (Includes $595 acquisition cost)
$0 down payment, $0 down security deposit, $0 first month payment, $0 due at lease signing. $290.00 per month for 35 months thereafter.

You know there is badge engineering between the Civic and the ILX?

The current ILX is based on the 9th gen CIvic which is better than the 8th gen but everybody is raving about the 10th gen (current car)

I say, skip the badge curb appeal and get a Civic Touring Sedan EX-T with the turbo engine that isn’t available in the ILX either.

Thanks for your suggestion. I was also looking at Civics but the ILX seemed like a pretty good deal but I’ve never lease before so I dont know.

I got a couple quotes I’d like to receive input on:

2016 Acura ILX 2.4 Black/Black
-MSRP $28840
-Invoice $27352
-Selling price $25372
-Lease rebate $500

24 months/$0 down/10k per year/ $398 per month
36 months/ $0 down/ 10k per year/ $315 per month

Honda Civic EX:
36 months/ $0 down/ 12k per year/ $245-259 per month
See Image for details:

I’m leaning towards the Civic EX but it seems high compared to some other quote around. I do qualify for the grad incentive, but only until the middle of this month. Should I try and lease while I can get the grad incentive or wait until the memorial day sales start?

Thanks for your help!

I just thought I would update anyone interested on what I was able to get for a lease payment. I dont have all the actual numbers right now but in a nutshell:

Honda Civic EX

  • $0 drive off
  • $226 / month (includes taxes)
    ** with $500 grad incentive
  • 36 months
  • 12k miles per year
  • Wisconsin

Its about 1.03% without paying anything upfront so I am happy with it. It was also my first time leasing. I feel like I have learned a lot throughout the process; thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site!

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Do you mind sharing the dealer? Was this in california? good deal for the civic

Sorry I forgot to mention this was in Wisconsin and with the grad incentive ($500). I’ll edit my previous message

Location doesn’t matter.

  1. Shop end of the month
  2. Use Truecar as a guide not a target to hit
  3. You have the power use it, if it’s not a good deal, walk away. If they need to sell a car to meet incentives for the dealership, they will chase you down in the parking lot or call you back when you get home.