Is the calculator correct?

However, if I pull any lease calculator on mobile phone, they all calculated to monthly $507, a $20 difference from the leasehackr calculator. All others being equal, MF, 0 down, Residual, selling price, MSRP etc.

What’s the catch?

Do you have an example of a calc showing you $20 less?

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I fixed it. The monthly is now the same. :laughing:

Seriously, we need more info.

Find this “iLeaseMyCar” app on iphone, not sure how to post picture, I could post a screenshot.

Another app is called “TALC”, does the same.

It is not a free app, so you’ll have to post a screenshot

This app is called “TALC”.

Those don’t even show fees or drive-offs. My assumption and calculation above was correct.

Interesting, looks like the fees somehow are incorporated into the monthly. I changed leasehackr’s calc fees to all 0, it result to $507 as well.

well, the fees aren’t incorporated into the monthly. they are completely ignored. you have to use the Cap Additions in ileasemycar and +cap in TALC to put those in.

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