Is SunMotorCars / BMW Mechanicsburg (PA) a LH-deal Dealer?

Anyone know if Sun Motor Cars / BMW Mechanicsburg PA is a LH-deal Dealer?

They might have a car that might work and is not toooo far.

Closed today, but with some encouragement I might journey down there today and camp out in front of the door with a dufflebag full of cash (but only offer a little bit of it, of course).

Another LHackr kindly set me up with a good CA a bit further away who will try to find me a car today and seems very promising, but this might be a backup plan.

Thanks everyone - this site is godsend. I’d be steaming pile of crushed hope without it!

Based on their low levels of inventory, I would say no. While I’ve never personally dealt with them, BMW of Freehold in NJ has given out great deals in the past.

Thanks - i’ll check into Freehold .