Is it unrealistic to get a midsized SUV with 0 down and <$300 for 36/12

This is the first time researching lease hacking so go easy on me. I’m sure y’all have got an influx since the VinWiki video.

I’m currently almost out of my second ever lease. First was an Accord and currently a Passat. I got both during their respective sign and drive events. I’m taking the car in for service on the rear window this weekend and the dealership has already been prodding me about upgrades with emails and mailers. So I figured I’d try to get at least some ducks in order mentally before going in there.

My wife and I aren’t particularly happy with the VW but if I can get some loyalty incentives to bring down the payment, we can deal.

We’re currently $250-260 on the Passat and I did have to pay like $300 for fees or some such when I picked up the VW.

I’d like to stay closer to $250 but I think I can talk her into $300.

I’m a vet, do have a degree but not recently, living in Pinellas County Florida, 33710, and have around 800 credit score.

The dealership I’d use has this SE for ~$26k and S levels for ~$24k. Those prices are their “purchase price” so I don’t know if it means anything towards a lease.

Hope I got you all the info you need and that this wasn’t too stupid a question. Thank

Have you put forth any of the info from the VINwiki to use to see what price is achievable?


Given what Tiguan S’s can be leased for in SoCal, I would think under $300 should be doable. I have no idea how the market and incentives are for FL market though.

It is perfectly realistic depending on:

  1. What do you consider midsized?
  2. What kind of term are we talking here?
  3. Do you mean $0 down, as you stated, or do you REALLY mean $0 due at signing?

Trying to find something similar but was unable to find it on this forum. located in Ohio. Even wanted to pay a broker to help me find a vehicle but no one was willing to really help me out. If you find anything let me know.

@jon - I’m still trying to wrap my head around what are the exact numbers I need to put into the calculator, and where to find them. And since reading through the deal checker threads, none have been in my price range. So before I continued down this rabbit hole in search of an SUV, I wanted to see if I would be wasting my time or not.

@TypeSH - I appreciate the input.

  1. around the size of the Tiguan or XC60. I know the Volvo is out of the question unfortunately.

2)36 months, 12k a year.

  1. yes? I won’t put a down payment on a lease for the obvious reasons. I’d prefer zero due at signing and have it all rolled in, but a couple hundred I’m fine with. Just like the Passat.

Look into the Honda Passport. In NJ Rodo shows the 2019 Passport Sport for $303/mo with $303 DAS. It’s a new $35k car so that seems like a solid deal.

I cleared the CX5 and Equinox out of my “garage” and it went up to $329. Still solid and maybe you have something that could help you qualify for an incentive.

Passport, as suggested above, seems like a good deal vs the MSRP.
Rodo also shows:
Tiguan 2.0T S for $287 w/$287 at signing
Tucson SE for $292/$292
CX-5 Sport for $287/$287

I’m sure there are others.

Hey sorry don’t mean to bother but is the Nationwide lease special any good ? I had a dealer tell me he can do it

99% of the time, the advertised lease specials are crap.

The dealer would LOVE to get you in at that poor of a deal.

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@angelicboris - thanks. We’d love to get back in a Honda. They weren’t giving the same type of deal on the Accord so I had to walk last time. I’ll check the Mazadas too. Again, thanks.

@Qbrozen - thanks. I tried to sign up for that but don’t feel comfortable with them looking at my credit. I get why they do it but I don’t like it.