Is it still good idea to buy CPO?

Getting ready to return our rover lease. Looking at BMW X7, CPO price to buy and a brand new vehicle price is the same! Doesn’t make sense…is it still worth buying CPO or lease brand new for the same MSRP (may be 5k difference)?

It’s not. 202020

and what is the suppose to mean? its never 202020…it was 2020 :slight_smile:

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lol now i get it :slight_smile: thank you!

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If they are the same price, why would you go with the CPO over the new one?

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wasn’t sure if my lil brain didnt think about depreciation and blah blah :slight_smile: as 1 year old model is already depreciated and wont depreciate fast as same year model?

The narrow window where this might be more worth it, is if it’s a very low mile few month old example and you plan to keep it for 5 years. BMW CPO warranty is 5 years from in-service date. New is 4 years. Otherwise, no it’s not worth it.

Porsche is a better example of 6 years from in service for CPO vs 4 for new.

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