Is it possible to sell the leased nissan leaf to car dealers like carvana or any other local dealer

HI all,

I have 15 months left on nissan leaf sv+ lease and it have 23k payoff amount for buying . Autonation quoted me 24k for buyout the lease . After all the inspection the autonation dealer comes up and told me that Nissan does’t allow to purchase the lease vehicle .

if that is true , what are the options to sell the car .

When you called the bank what did they say?

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Spoke to Nissan finance , and they are giving confusing answers.One of representative told any dealer can buyout the lease ,but another representative told only Nissan dealer can buyout the lease .

Not getting a clear answer from them .

If you search the forum you will see people discussing their experience trying to sell Nissan (NMAC) leases to Carvana or Vroom.

Thanks @max_g and @Bostoncarconcierge.

Carvana too not able to purchase Nissan lease vehicle . this is the message from carvana .

Thank you for taking the time to submit your vehicle for a value with Carvana. At this time, we are not able to move forward with purchasing your vehicle as Carvana’s policy does not align with Nissan’s policies, and this prevents us from being able to purchase leased vehicles from this provider.

I don’t know the stupid policy from nisaan . Decided never ever buy a Nissan vehicle .

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Do you have any Autonation Nissan dealer around you? Maybe they have a way of buying cars from Nissan Financial (or whatever they are called)

Any Nissan dealer can buy from NMAC, doesn’t have to be an AN one.

Yes but he has an Autonation offer already so he can ask the Autonation Nissan dealer to match it.

Unfortunately there is no Autonation nissan dealer in CA :frowning:

Same just got shafted on my Qx60 lease that was suppose to be sold to Carvana

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Check carmax. Just sold mine to them this week. No issues.

Autonation quoted for 24k but carmax is asking for 18k .:frowning: Got a quote from Vroom for 22500 . Thats the last hope.

What part of CA are you in? We have a AN Nissan in Vegas. Charge it up and drive it down

I am in Bayarea . Its almost 500 miles to drive there .Also i don’t know they will honor the price what the local autonation quote .

Today spoke to Vroom , they told they can able to do nissan lease buyout , so submitted all the documents to vroom ,. Waiting for the confirmation even 2k less than autonation.

I just got a nice quote from Carvana for my 2017 Nissan Murano. I did specify NMAC as my lender in the appraisal request. They came in $750 higher than Vroom, and I will net over $1,000 profit after putting $0 down and rolling all taxes, fees, etc. into my lease payment. Add to that the $395 disposition/turn-in fee I would have had to pay if I kept my lease til it ends in November and turned it back in. Not to mention if they nickel and dime you on the tiniest imperfection upon inspection. I’m happy with the offer, so as long as I can decide on my new car by the time this quote expires (8/14 – much longer than Vroom gave) I will sell to Carvana.

Carvana will not buy a NMAC lease just a FYI. Vroom will.

UGH, what the hell?!

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I left like 3k on the table with Carvana as I’m selling mine to Vroom.