Is it possible to leasehack a car that can only be leased, not bought?

I am in SoCal, and have looked at a few different cars, including the Bolt.
My wife and I drove a Honda Clarity Electric car last night, and loved it.
So, now I am pretty sure that’s the diretion we will head.
The thing is though, instead of a limited range electric only vehicle, we are
thinking of going the fuel cell version.
It has 20,000 miles a year in the lease, and a $15,000 fuel card thrown in.
Kind of hard to top that. I know purchasing hydrogen at your own cost is expensive, and that the
network of places to fuel up isnt large. But for my needs as a daily commuter, and considering there are
stations near my work and home, it seems like a good option.
So the question is, Can I negotiate much from Honda’s advertised web price lease?
This is a car that can ONLY be leased, not bought.

Advertised deal, $369 per month, and $2868 due at signing for 3yrs, 20,000 miles a year lease
Just as an addition to that… You currently get $5,000 back from the state for it being a clean air vehicle,
and another $450 from So Cal Edison.

Everything is always negotiable.

Yes, he can negotiate the lease, but that’s not true.

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Depends on available inventory. If there are zero Clarity FCVs on the lot, and there’s a waiting list for each one that arrives, expect to pay full price. But in theory, the agreed upon selling price can always be below MSRP. Folks have gotten thousands off on Mirai FCV leases.

You’re getting a car from the dealer, not the manufacturer themselves, and a dealer can ultimately set their own price.

Any update on this? Did you get the Clarity Fuel Cell and able to negotiate?

As far as I know you can’t do it on the fuel cell clarity. I did not on mine. I was also told by someone at Honda (not a dealership) that it’s a set price. The Toyota looks like you can. I’m assuming because they are producing way more of them. There is a waiting list for the clarity so they would be pretty dumb to give you a discount.

Ended up buying not leasing, I got mine (a plug in) the day after they hit showrooms in december last year, so I only got 1,500 off, but, I wanted it in time for the tax break, and that was also why I bought not leased, best way to be sure I got all rebates back.
Love the car, and this way Im not stuck on limited places to fuel up with a fuel cell. I like the fuel cell idea, just hate the limitations of where you can fill up.