Is it possible to lease a used BMW i3?

I see a used 2014 BMW i3 Rex at the local BMW dealership. It looks like it was recently turned in at the end of a lease. Only 24k with 23k miles and exactly 24mo left on the 4yr/50k warranty. Mega trim with Park Assist.

Is it possible to do a 24mo/12k lease on this? I’m trying to figure out if this is a good opportunity as I can snag this and potentially lease it while still staying within warranty. I’m also trying to weigh this against the new 2017 i3 deals with the higher range version.

I’ve drastically lowered the amount that I drive recently and am trying to see if I can still be functional with a battery-powered second car versus a normal or hybrid vehicle, thus the shorter lease term.

I believe all lease support for 2014 MY have been pulled.

@reedog117 BMWs sold/leased after July 1, 2014 no longer qualify to have the maintenance transfer to a second owner. Warranty stays in place but not maintenance. So if you consider that car you need to find out when exactly it was originally purchased and if the maintenance will transfer over to you.

No it cannot be leased with BMWFS. Even brand new MY 15 cars cannot be leased with BMW Financial

You are a good candidate for the Bolt. Wait a few months and you will see $99 lease deals on the Bolt.