Is it possible to add MSDs after you sign a contract?

Hi, I am in Texas area and I am just wondering this question.
It most likely feels like a no to me but I better ask you guys.

Is it possible to add MSDs to lower the payments even after you have signed the lease deal?


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When the contract is done, the contract is done.

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Only if it didn’t fund, in which case you’ve got bigger fish to fry.


The answer is no, but don’t forget the larger picture. What BMW or Mercedes model, and what’s the deal you’re negotiating?

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what do you mean by “if it didn’t fund”?

for now, EQS SUV models

If finance screwed something up, and the lender kicked back the contract


So a tax of 6.25% on ~$90,000 amortized over 24 months?


something similar, yes

Do you really wanna pay, say, $1,000 per month for something that others are paying $750 for?

Not exact numbers but just for illustration.

Oh My !!! :open_mouth:

I think OP has already signed based on the title.

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things are not really great here in Texas.
I do not want to pay extra, but payments could be higher for a regular e class in this area.

That just means neither are good lease candidates for your situation

Were there sales tax credits on this lease?

tax credits and 11500 in incentives.
I just wanted to see if I could lower the payment even lower with MSDs.

The tax credits make a huge difference on a deal like this. Treat this as a lesson learned. If you are considering MSDs make sure you take care of it at signing. Enjoy your new ride!


Taxes in TX is different

No income tax - evens out - pay to play

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