Is it good deal ? 2020 MBZ GLE 350 $700 DAS $13,861.99. Need your Advice

I’m so beginner, Need your help,

Is it good deal ? 2020 MBZ GLE 350 $700 DAS $13,861.99.

$8K Back at the end of the Lease that’s 10 MSDS

$8K is the multiple security deposits
mb1 mb2 mb3

A 5% discount is not a good deal on the front and I would assume they have the back end market up… what market is this?

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I’m in Maryland
Mercedes-Benz of West Chester in PA


I would push more from them or reach out to another dealer. Target a larger dealer that wants to hit the volume

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I will.
I’m so Beginner…

It’s a little dangerous to put so much down on a lease. If something happens to the car (stolen/totaled) you’re out the money. It’s much safer to just accept a bigger payment by not putting any CCR.

Many would suggest only putting down MSD, and rolling all other costs into the monthly.

As an aside, the 2020 GLE is leasing horrifically at the moment, and many reviewers feel that the 350 is lacking in power with its 2.0L turbo 4. Make sure you drive this thing and merge onto a daunting on ramp a few times before pulling the trigger.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your lecture.

I’ll keep it mind.


How did they come up with a magically round number like $700? Did you tell them that’s your target monthly?


I just noticed the matrix with mileage allowance vs monthly seems different than the thread title. Maybe I’m missing something.

I’d suggest you take a break from talking to dealers about a specific car and spend a while reading the forums and learning as much as you can about the leasing process. Once you understand how all the numbers work, then try and work an actual deal.


Edit: i misread that $8000 of the $13861 is MSDs. so a $5861 down payment,comes out to around $860 or so a month for the vehicle with everything rolled in.

Would still start with getting the residual value, money factor, incentives in your area through edmunds.

Why does this look like an advertisement?

Did you get quoted this, or is this just something the dealer had lying around in print?


I said " My max budget is $650"

No Ad at all.

I had lease 30 month ago at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester in PA .
Texted same guy to get a good deal. (I thought he was a good guy)
He send me that.

Thank you for your comment

Thank you for your advice

No worries. There’s a lot of people that come on here trying to work a deal when they’re not quite up to speed on everything. Best way to get a great deal is to be super educated on every aspect of the deal.

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Just ask more dealers around. I think this discount suck

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I just realized.


$8,000 security deposit?

That print out sure looks like a factory ad/standard program, which is never a good deal.

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