Is it a good deal on 2018 GLC 300

is it a good deal with max MSD? leasehacker calculator shows as 447$ including tax for 10k miles, but in the quote it shows 489$(7.5k miles). not sure where dealer marked up the price.

lease hacker calulator 300&monthlyTax_radio=true&miles=10000&msd=10

Considering it is August, this is a very aggressive deal on a GLC300. Current incentive arent as good as before. As for the quote, probably Acq fee is different and MF

Doesn’t that $6652 down make the actual payment $674/month?

Thats with 10 MSDs which is why it is 6652

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And for 7.5k/year. Ouch.

I suspected acq fee and asked him hat is the acq fee and he told 795$ and MF is .00068(not sure whether this value after Max MSDs or before MSDs)

He is willing to make it 10k but to be honest, I don’t need that many miles. I thought with 7.5k I can save on monthly payment.

It wont affect your monthly payments that much.

Your calculator is not coming up fully populated so it is tough to tell where the issue is. The deal sheet shows $627 in fees, but I guess that is in addition to the acquisition fee since you say that is $795. So possibly these other fees are what is throwing you off.

I think 627$ in fees are registration,doc… etc. Can you try this link .

Problem seems to be in the tax. His sheet shows $3669 in tax, which would be tax on full purchase price rather than tax on the payment, as you have checked in your calculator. I don’t know which is correct in your state.

Your fees are also incorrect in your calculator. I see now he listed them out at the bottom of the worksheet. Up your doc fee to include all the fees other than acqusition and DMV.

Here are your corrected numbers. I’m assuming your MSDs actually work out to $5500 and you are paying ~$1150 on top of that, yes? The $1150 would drop your payment right about the $35 difference between the $0 down 525 number shown here and the $490 number on the worksheet.

And this is yet another way to look at it. I added the $3669 tax to your sale price and then took it off by paying all fees up front, which is essentially what you are doing (paying fees but rolling taxes into the monthly).

thank you so much putting all together. i am california and tax in 94568 is 9.25%. lease calculator is showing 490$ including tax. is that correct? thanks.

are these numbers correct? Lease calculator

not quite. per the deal sheet, reg is $491, not $497. More importantly, residual is $26,428, which is actually 57% of $46,365.

But, yes, it would seem the dealer calculated the tax incorrectly. Is this coming from a state other than CA?

Also, with the 57% residual and tax change, your MSDs, per the calculator, should be $5000, not $5500.

No. this deal is in bay area.

Then I am thoroughly confused why there is a discrepancy. The tax on the deal sheet makes no sense.

let me ask him to send the lease quote instead of purchase quote with full details…

The dealer marked up your MF to 0.00138, the 0.00068 is after 10 MSD. The calculator is close but probably some other hidden fees .

Edit: don’t know how to link the updated calculation, but if you change your MF to 0.00138, then the number made sense