Is it a good deal for Volvo XC90

I got the below deal for 2020 XC90 T5 Momentum SUV FWD in Houston, TX with following Package:Advanced Package, Multimedia Package, Heated Seats, 20" wheel.
MSRP 56,140.00
Adjusted Price 49,217.00
Gross Cap Cost with taxes, other fees and title etc: 53,296.81

Down Pmt 1,000.00 2,000.00 3,000.00 5,000.00
36Mo / 0.00170 649-669 618-638 588-608 527-547
Mileage - 12k

Is it a good deal? If not, how much can I look for Adjusted Price.

There is a loaner also with exact same features/package with 4000Mi in it. If I push for that, where should I be. Any guidance or suggestion with be helpful.


Right off those numbers, you shouldn’t need to do any down payments.

@Bostoncarconcierge has few T5s well equipped around the $415-$450 range with 0 down payment.

There are few brokers in Texas that could work with you too, I think @Electric is one.


Talk to @Benedetto or @Bostoncarconcierge. I’ve seen great prices on these from both of them and they seem to be able to ship.

The numbers you’re looking at right now seem awfully high


I did reached out to both couple of weeks back, @Benedetto on his email but never got a response and @Bostoncarconcierge said he do not work Texas because of Taxes :frowning:

Hopefully, someone can help to get a good deal.

It’s true.

I’d love to help, but TX taxes seem super complex. I don’t think I would be your best resource to navigate those waters.

I’d try my friends @IAC

They’re awesome!

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@Bostoncarconcierge you could always see if @AP919 wants to help you out with the Texas taxes since this isn’t a BMW.

Pretty sure I saw you post a while back about #BrokersHelpingBrokers


You’re absolutely right. I’m not sure my dealers would provide the best experience for the buyer trying to figure out the taxes, though.

I think @AP919 and @Electric would provide a better experience than I could guarantee through my channels.

Of course, it can be done! But, I want to make sure the best people are on the job. And these cats know TX.


It’s not like the three of us didn’t talk already today… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you have a breakdown of the fees and taxes? I’ll also need the actual price after incentives, not the “adjusted price.”

Have you gotten MF/RV/incentives from Edmunds yet?

Here is the MF/RV/Incentives received from Edmunds.
T5 FWD: .00170 MF and 63% residual. $2000 Volvo Allowance

This is the breakdown provided:
LEASE OPTION . (Dealer said Init Cap Cost includes the $2000 rebate)

MSRP 56,140.00
Init Cap Cost 48,842.00
Rebate 0.00
NADW 375.00
Adjusted Price 49,217.00
Total Taxes 3,076.06
License Fee 110.25
DOC Fee 150.00
ACQ Fee 995.00
Title Fee 33.00
State Inspection 23.75
Road & Bridge 23.00
Convenience Fee 10.00
Temp Tag 5.00
Convenience Fee 5.00
Trade Allowance 0.00
Trade Payoff 0.00
Gross Cap Cost 53,296.81

What is NADW?

“Now adding 'dis…what?”

Why does it say no incentives?

I did ask but he said $2000 is included in the price.

That is why I was more curious on the quote offered. When I see the deal offered in other state, I was not sure about this deal. I understand TX is not a great place for lease but hoping to see if I can get a good deal with some help.

It will be great if you can provide help. I have also reached to @Electric & you on message. Request if you can help with a deal here in Houston (assuming you have some).

How much discount should I expect for a loaner 2020 XC90 T5 Momentum SUV FWD with Advanced Package, Multimedia Package, Heated Seats, 20" wheel.
It has 4000 Mi on it and considering the above price for new one.
it is listed at MSRP 56,xxx

Experts - Looking for some guidance here for my above questions. I will be reaching out to dealer tomorrow and I want to start and prep well before I reach out.
With Christmas, looks like the experts at @IAC (@Electric & @AP919) are away.

I just don’t want to miss the good possible deal of year end.

I’d be pushing for $8500-$10k off, pre-incentive.


Just wondering, how do you find residuals on Edmunds? I’ve been researching for a couple days but can’t seem to get what I’m looking for. Specifically, biggest SUVs with highest residuals.


Gotta go to the Edmunds lease forum for the specific model and ask

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