Is it a good deal - Audi etron GT 2023?

He sent those pictures in reply to our discussion about the RS Project_513/2 car, so I was a bit confused as well since that is a “standard” RS black/red, not the prototype wrap.

Also, $339 with $4738 DAS on a RS? Hmmmmm, that is sick if so!

I mean, I don’t think it can get clearer than this. He is asked if he received his RS, to which he responds with a pic of a non-RS car (based on the wheels, at least).


Shame, 0 to gain if true. Waste everyone’s time.

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I thought they posted two different deals - One was for an RS and the other was for a regular GT.

EDIT: The Audi e-tron GT Discussion Thread - #62 by Terianx

I believe that one fell through due to the dealer quoting the wrong residual.

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I received this photo in a private message from Terianx when I asked about his RS delivery, and the car in this photo is definitely not an RS. Photo also appears to have been pulled from So I am a bit confused, as well. Also, the non-RS that fell through was kemora grey - not black.


I do not want to derail this thread, but has anyone seeing a signed contract?