Is Bmw corporate discount stackable with dealer discounts


I’m currently in the market for an i8 in Texas and have been offered a discount on a $153xxx sticker car with a sales price of $119xxx including the $2465 rebate. With that said I just found out my employer is part of Bmw corporate sales program and on the i8 they are offering $24xxx off and if stackable that would make the cap cost roughly around $95xxx. My question is does this offer stack? As currently constructed with the tax at 6.25 mf.00177 and residual at 58 I’m coming with effective tax included payments of $610.

I keep speaking to general sales managers and sales professionals but can’t get a true vibe on if fleet will stack but if it does I’ll be in an i8 tomorrow hopefully.

Any help or recommendations to a dealer willing to do this would be appreciated. Of all of them I spoke to two are mulling it, another 2-3 swear they will do it if I send them the offer sheet of those dealers accepting the offer.

Thanks in advance.

No, nothing stacks with Corporate Fleet, plus there’s other restrictions. See BMW Leasing Wiki

Use Owners Choice instead of the normal lease product. Puts the vehicle in your name so you get the Fed rebate, but acts like a lease so you can hand it back after xx months.