Is anyone having billing issues with SCE (SoCal)

So with this switch to Clean Power Alliance (CPA), the way I understand it is CPA charges for the energy used and SCE bills for delivery of the power. However, I haven’t been billed for my electricity since June.

I called SCE and they said they have a policy that if a customer doesn’t get billed in 90 days, any subsequent charges are not my responsibility - basically I get free electricity and that I’m only responsible for the first 90 days they haven’t billed yet.

They said something about how my meters aren’t readable, and that I shouldn’t worry because the problem is on their end. I can’t get anyone on the phone from CPA.

Do I just hope they don’t fix it and get free power? I was initially worried that I was gonna get a huge bill like 9 months out. Bit confused at this point.