Is anyone else waiting for the 2019 refresh 3 Series / C Class?

I ended up holding off and waiting for the '19 refresh to drop at the end of the year. From what I’ve seen, most of the upgrades will be for the interior/technology. Probably going to look at the hybrid in both models and see what works out better, although I was not impressed with the C350e this year—something like 8 miles real-world electric. I’m also hoping they make distronic/ACC more widely-available.

Going to try hacking beginning around November. Anyone have any thoughts or in the same boat?

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MBZ will charge an arm and a leg for models with ACC/Distronic

will both look different or just tech updates ?

3 Series is a whole new car. New internal code (G20) rolling on the CLAR architecture. No telling if the car will be an improvement on the existing car, but it will be lighter and probably have some tech trickle down from the 5 and 7 series. Should make leftover '18 models hackable.

C Class will be a midcycle refresh. It will sport an updated look but internally will be almost identical to the current C Class. I think they are bringing an updated version of the turbo to the car as well.

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i’m waiting for a bunch of cars that I expect to make big improvements in 2019:

  • Mazda3 2019 - first car to contain SkyActiv-X / Spark Controlled Compression Ignition tech which seems like a big improvement over conventional ICE engines. Also the designs seems to improve a lot (check this concept preview upon which the Mazda3 shall be based). Last but not least Mazda is trying to move upmarket and make their cars compete with Audi, MB etc. so they’re equipping the upper trims which really high quality real leather interior and quieter cabin. Probably this won’t lease well (mazda) but I may just buy it if it turns out to be that great as I expect it.
  • Tesla Model 3 - I already have a current reservation and could technically order, but I’m waiting for a few improvements, like HUD, white seats, more comfy rear seats, lower cabin noise to make it into the car.
  • BMW 3 series - Hope they’ll upgrade the interior and add adaptive cruise control, LKA as standard into certain trims and upgrade the kinda cheap looking cabin.

The 3 series refresh is my loan reason for not considering the vehicle as it currently sits. I honestly love the current 3 series but I know now would be the wrong time to lease or purchase one.

I’m waiting on the C63, however, the C class will have some decent updates;

These are from the dealer ordering guide for the coupe;

  1. Carplay/Android Auto becomes standard
  2. 10.25" center screen becomes standard (much better than current version IMO)
  3. Updated steering wheel
  4. New key design
  5. +14 horsepower
  6. Updated taillights/headlamps

Lots of changing around in available options, however, the key one to note is that the 12.3" Digital Instrument Cluster becomes available as an option. For me, this was a big deal as this + the more integrated center screen brings the interior into Audi range. Still give a slight edge to Audi.

BMW interior is in the stone age.

FYI - Lots of more significant changes on the AMG’s.

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Nice. Yea lack of Carplay is why I didn’t get a '17 coupe earlier this year—big news with Waze coming with iOS12. Hoping the center screen looks less out-of-place.

Can confirm, anything with P3 and Distronic is basically impossible to find as a loaner. So there aren’t really any deals there. I know it’s not the best deal or anything, but my dad got a $57k C300 for $530/mo with NJ Tax included. I know he put 10 MSD’s, but I don’t remember what else was due at signing, but it was negligible. (Maybe $1k or so). This was for a 2016 in Aug 2016. Again, I know it’s not the best deal and that a base E300 can be had for about the same, or less if it’s a loaner, but Distronic was a must have and it’s still under the 1% rule. It’s also a hard to find color combo as it has red real leather instead of the fake MB Tex. At the time, there were something like 4 or 5 available in within 1000 miles or something.

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Get a 2 year lease on an 18 now, and get the new G20 in ‘20. You’ll get a better deal 1 year after launch than you will this year, and you’ll have the advantage of having many bug fixes flashed into the car next year also.

You’re not going to get an epic deal on a brand new model at launch.


I just turned in my 15 c300 lease. It was an alright car… Seats kinda sucked, suspension felt too sporty and I had to have my engine rebuilt at 30k miles… Bonus points for that car were the led headlights that were awesome for night driving, burmeister sound system is def one of the best sound systems ive heard in a car in a long time and it was a pretty good looking car. I will say the new 9 speed transmission is way faster than the 7 speed in my lease but it doesnt allow for over run braps out of the exhaust, which honestly made my c300 really entertaining to drive on my commutes.

I just bought a lease return 15 gl350 bluetec to rack up miles on instead of another mb lease, but I will probably lease the new A class if they come out with some good lease offers. That new A class interior looks phenomenal and if they bring an a45 4matic hatchback to usa, I will probably lease to buy that.

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Wow, engine rebuilt at 30K miles and you said it was “alright”. What were you driving before- it must have really been terrible!