IS 300 Lease Deal

Hi All,

I was recently quoted the below for a Lexus IS 300 AWD; 10k lease:

MSRP: 41,895
MF: .00002
Residual: 58%
Selling Price: ~36,700 (I need to get the exact figure)
Taxes: 8.375%
Rebate: 1,500
Monthly Payment: $390 for 36 months (this figure is definite; nothing down at signing)

Is this a good deal?

Where are you getting that deal? What state I mean if you don’t mind me asking?

NY state – I have 3 dealers offering me that price. 2 just called me back letting me know they will go lower from here.

Thoughts? Is this good?

Please keep us updated as you get a better idea of numbers but it doesn’t seem too bad. Any incentives?

I’m at a Lexus dealer in the western region (so we don’t really stock those AWD models here) but that deal looks solid:

A) Super low MF B) aggressive discount from the dealer/store C) rebate included D) Residual is correct

If you are a recent grad, or in active military service you are eligible for another 1k discount with proof of such.

Beyond that, I’d say you could walk into the store and negotiate a tiny-tiny bit more if your buying that day, but don’t expect a big change in your monthly payment. that Money factor is with tier 1 credit FYI. Nice job thus far.

*Oh and depending where you are in NY (if you see a lot of wheel/ tire damage) the finance office will present you with the option of wheel/tire protection. You can negotiate this if you want it and you feel it adds value to you.

Thanks all… I have a few dealers competing at this price for a new MSRP of 43.5k… both dealers are telling me they will save me a “significant amount more” than the 390 figure… will keep all posted