Ioniq 5 SoCal 2013 Deal check

What do you think?

Seems very high to what I was expecting. Pending what money factor is.

Is 53820 MVSP or MSRP? If so they are giving you rebates and overcharging for the car.

It’s msrp. No discount besides rebates.

And money factor pending.

no discount? walk away, I got a similar bid and it’s terrible.

This is an alternative offer

Neither seem good. Seems like a Tesla model 3 lease would be a better value. Or something else that I’m not thinking of.

Any other feedback before I sunset the idea of picking up an Ioniq 5 today?

Contact @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto or @Omegaautogroup unless you’re strictly looking for the 2023 because of more features :+1: and change your title it says “2013”

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I was looking at 2013 to get the additional $7500 rebate. Otherwise I’m down for a 2024. I’m trying to find a lease that beats Tesla model 3 lease

If you are leasing the 2024 is the way to go. If you are buying the 2023.

Omega has a similar 2024 SEL for $560 m for Orange county $0 Due

Wow. Thats much better. Only bummer is 2024 decontented but I’ll go that direction. Appreciate everyone’s insight.

2024 is a far better value for leasing.

DO NOT lease from any dealer is who charging MSRP for the car. They are leveraging the $15,000 rebates that they get to make you feel like you’re getting a good discount.

I know CA is different from the NE, but leftover 2023’s should be at least a few grand below MSRP before the rebates like it is here.

With all that said, did you just ask the dealer to give you a quote, or did you ask for a certain price point? If you simply asked for a price, it’s no wonder they are charging you MSRP, as most consumers aren’t on here and don’t know better.

What are the main deletions?

In the same boating hunting for a deal of Ioniq 5 but dealers just give me ridiculous prices… All are above 400/month lease with 2K down… Passed!

100% agree. Hard pass.

The sad part for me is that you are getting a better deal than what I’ve been offered.

Ioniq 5’s just got even cheaper