Invoice on RX 450h fully loaded

hi all. I approached a dealer regarding a white 2019 RX 450h fully loaded and he said hes giving me 2k below invoice at $57000. I looked up on edmunds and the invoice for a fully loaded if $57000. Is dealer lying about invoice or edmund’s info is wrong?

What is the msrp?
I just did one of these. A 56029 msrp RX450 AWD has an invoice of 53163.

nowadays, below invoice is not much of an indicator of “a good deal”.

ya and i thought invoice is the same for every dealer but apparently there’s a difference
the MSRP was 62390

Have you tried building the options to match yours on i believe that should give u correct invoice.

truecar doesn’t have all the options. for example the RX450h Fsport that i want the only options available on truecar was the bi-led instead of the triple LED that is on the car i want. Can anyone confirm invoice is the same across all dealers or is it different. The dealer I dealt with said the invoice for the car i want is ~59k but on edmunds’ TMV it is 56k (57k if u add the 1025 documentation fee)

Invoice varies per dealer? I was always under the impression invoice varied based on MSRP and equipped options.

right thats what i thought. I added the options of that car onto edmund’s TMV and the invoice is different so i dont really know whats going on here…I figure i need the correct info before going into negotiation…

Sounds like the dealer is lying to you.

Invoice is the same across all dealers. Send me the vin and I should be able to pull invoice.


he said my research is faulty and had incontrovertible proof that the car’s invoice is 59k and hes willing to sell at 57k, which is 2k under invoice. My impression for most cars out there is that invoice is right about 7% off MSRP. I don’t know what’s right or wrong but I’m not going back to him

all sounds like typical dealer BS

I thought so too…but im way too new in this game so i’m not sure if i’m right… wanted to seek help/confirmation from experienced people like y’all

Invoice is $59,612 on this car

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He’s lying to you. If he’s provided no proof to you, but claims to have it then it’s a trick and you shouldn’t do business with him.

I think invoice pricing is different for every manufacturer, there’s no specific rule to judge it by. You just need to use truecar and edmunds to figure it out. There are sources online to help you out.

You’re not alone in this, check out a new dealer! After seeing Cody_carters post, disclosure-I don’t actually know for a fact what the invoice of the car is. It just sounded like from your posts the dealer was trying to trick you.

then i wonder why on edmund it was ~57k …

either way im not going back to that dealer but just don’t know why there is a 2k difference between edmunds and dealer

Edmunds might not be adding LDA and destination. That’s ~$1800

edmunds have documentation fee added but it doesn’t say LDA and destination. now i understand. thank you all for your input

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btw guys. since this is my first time in the leasing game…i want to ask for your input…

if i got a quote from dealer A and i sent to dealer B
should I use the verbiage “can you beat it” or should I use “can you beat it by $____”
reason im asking is because I used the first one and don’t know if I locked myself out for further negotiation