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Not a question i suppose I just want to say i really like to negotiate price online or by text …I usually go test drive a car i am interested in ,let them look at my car then walk out on the first price they give me. They are texting me soon enough if they really want a sale …It lets me put more thought into my replies and i dont have to sit in dealership playing games for half a day…Is your job as internet manager mostly to reel buyers in ?


Goes direct to factory. It’s separate from base MSRP so that they can advertise a lower “starting at $XX,XXX”


Does dealer prefer people to lease or buy?
Which one gives more commission to the salesperson?


Why would a dealer suddenly mark up the sales price for a car which has not been sold for 100+ days after a series of drop downs e.g. this one


Incentives changed for February?


no this is a used car from a dealership for another brand


Can OP or other IM share insights into how tax credit works in state like Texas or Illinois (where tax is charged on full sale price)?

After reading few thread, I got impression that dealer uses tax credit to close deal on slow moving models. However, when I was shopping with Lexus, couple of dealer mentioned that its LFS offering tax credit on certain model. I asked em to extend it my model and they said LFS would decide if I get it. At the end, I did receive tax credit.

Thanks for the thread, it has been very informative.