Interested in Leasing Rogue SL

Hi Experts , I am new to leasing and i am interested in leasing Nissan Rogue - SL

Location - Bay Area , California
Trim Level - SL
Desired term - 36 month

I dont want to pay more than 200 to 220 / month with 0 down . Is this a reasonable expectation ?

MSRP for Nissan Rogue is $29000

What is the residual , money factor and incentive for this vehicle?

2016 Nissan Rogue SL
36/12K: 57% residual, .00003 MF
All: $1,425 lease cash
Targeted: $500 Grad/Military

Assuming an excellent deal (selling price of $26,900 before incentives on a $29,590 car), you’re looking at about $280/month with $800 drive-off.


I was wondering if the SL premium package has to be paid off full in the lease or can it be amortized?

To my understanding, factory options with Nissan are residualized, so you only pay for a percentage of that option.

Is the lease cash also available in Florida?