Interested in leasing a 2016 Acura TLX/ILX


I’m located in Los Angeles, CA

Just wondering what were the residuals/MF for both of these vehicles, just the base standard packages on both please. 24/36 month and if theres 10k then 10k miles please, if not 12k works too
Hopefully maybe there’s some lease cash I don’t know about?

Also heads up that there is an Edmunds insider deal for $1000 off on these models, just popped up when I visited the website.

And if anyone just recently bought one of these vehicles, would love to know your selling price so I can get a feel on where I can negotiate up to.

Thank you!

2016 TLX Base
24/10K: 64% residual, .00070 MF
36/10K: 58% residual, .00070 MF

Targeted: $1,000 Lease Loyalty, $500 Grad, $750 Military

2016 ILX Base
24/12K: 59% residual, .00011 MF
36/12K: 53% residual, .00011 MF

Targeted: $1,000 Lease Loyalty, $500 Grad, $750 Military

I’d check Edmunds to see what the average price paid is for the two cars.

Acura boston has tlx base 188 a month, 3k down, 36/10k. The edmunds offer I got was 1250 off.


For the deal you got was that 3k down on top of the incentives or would’ve been lowered from the edmunds offer,loyalty cash, etc…

And thanks for that heads up, went back and got the $1250 from Edmunds!

I did not do the deal yet. I just mentioned the advertised deal. It includes Acura incentives but not the edmunds. So edmunds can be used to mitigate the 3k. Negotiation should result in lower price as well.