Interest in an F-pace lease

Hello all, recently discovered this forum and I’m learning quite a bit. I currently lease a two year old loaded qx60 and got a pretty good deal on that lease before I discovered you guys.

I’m currently interested in leasing an F-pace. I’ve searched the forums, but haven’t come across anything recently, so I though I’d ask if leases on this car have gotten better? I live in north jersey, and there are quite a few dealerships within 50-100 miles, so I’m hoping that will open up offers?
If there are deals to be had, I’m actually interested in hiring a broker to find the car that I want, since I hate leaving anything on the table. However if you guys feel that there still aren’t any deals yet, should I just save the broker fee and get ready to pay close to MSRP with a reasonable dealer? I know this forum is not about spoon-feeding deals, but I mainly wanted to know if it’s worth it hire a broker for a car that they might not get me a deal that’s any better than what I can do on my own (compared to the popular cars with great MSRP discounts).

How funny. My qx60 lease ends this month and I’m pursuing a f pace too. Did you have any luck? My search begins this week after my appraisal from CarMax today.

Btw, have you seen this post?

Hey greenhouse, unfortunately I didn’t end up pursuing the f pace. I enjoyed the test drive, but in the end my brain prevailed over my heart and I ended up getting an rdx for my wife. I’m driving the qx60 which is up next year, so I have another year of drooling over what car I’d like to get next. Good luck on your search!

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Nice. Thanks for the update. There’s just too many good choices! But in the end, I’m sure my wife will make me make the practical choice, too