Interest Check :Lease Transfer 2016 BMW 528i 373/mo(Lease protection included) in NJ

I’m contemplating transferring my lease on 2016 BMW 528i (This is not X-Drive).

MSRP: 56,800
Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]
monthly pmt : 373.11$ per month.
residual :38,056.00
I’m located in Jersey City,NJ.
This also includes 5000$ worth of damage protection.

LED Lighting: Full LED adaptive lighting
Smartphone Integration

Current miles is 12650 you still have 17390 miles left. Lease ends on Aug-2019. I am looking to get my 2800$ MSD as back.
Buyer to pay lease transfer fee from BMW.
Extras: Rubber trunk and floor mats included free.

I presume most of you know about MSDs on here. Since they are no longer possible on new leases, I figure some of you will be interested in this lease as a way to “back into” having them. By putting $2800.00 on deposit with BMW at the beginning of the lease, I reduced the monthly payment significantly by reducing the interest rate. Those payments stay with the car, so you’ll need to pay them to me when taking over the lease. But at the end of the lease (if everything is paid on time etc…) you will get a check from BMW for $2800. There’s a lot of info on this, but I’m happy to answer questions. Of course I can provide documentation of the MSDs and BMW will confirm them in writing as part of the transfer process.

I leased this car in CA and then moved to NJ. Registration is updated for NJ address. As got in CA this doesn’t have all wheel drive(X-Drive). Last winter in severe snow storm i took the car out and it was fine. The traction control worked perfect, again i was driving within speed limits no need to test its limit.

I would be interested. Please pm me the details once you decide.

Sent you a pm as well.

I’ve been driving RWD cars in the northeast for a long time now. With winter tires in the winter, of course.

I agree… there are areas of the country where AWD makes sense, but unnecessary in most. IMO, just a means for dealers to extract an additional $1-2K+ from buyers by only stocking AWD versions of models, plus often irresponsibly selling a false sense of invincibility. Drive sensibly, folks, whether FWD, RWD or AWD.

Would this happen to be one of those limited edition non-M 528is with the M badges that give an extra 20hp?

Photos? (20 characters)

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Such hostility. Much humor. Can’t even appreciate a good laugh.

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Here are some pics. Sorry car is not clean. Pics didn’t came that good. Some links here

Next time you post for a “for sale” ad, I’ll be sure to add some humor to it.

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