Insurance Hckr for home , auto and other

Just like choosing a heart surgeon, with insurance you should always go with the lowest bidder.


Look at the stock price of this company. It is garbage (went form $150 to $20- cheap isn’t always the best- especially when dealing with your primary home coverage.

This was because it was shorted and wallstreetbets was trying to make a quick buck on the volatility of the stock, similar to GME.

I’m in SoCal and have Pacific Specialty for my homeowners. They were great when I had to file a claim and were cheaper than the other big names. They were recommended through my broker and have been in business for 40 years.

Man, I day traded LMND last year when it was over $100 (made a tiny profit). I’m glad I didn’t end up stuck holding those bags. LOL

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You must change you insurance provider who could be available at better rate.

You can not always take chance to continuously change the insurance providers. It’s better to find a company of better service quality and which could really work at the compliances. Right at right price.

Something I never considered when choosing my coverage limits or deductibles

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This is precious:
“As anybody who’s had legal entanglements with an insurance company can probably guess, the case went to arbitration.”

“The insurance company appealed to the courts on several grounds, claiming that the process denied it the ability to have its day in court.”

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Nobody wants or deserves warts, but weaponizing the insurance company’s arbitration clause against them? :kissing_heart::ok_hand:t2::trophy:

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As if sex needed to be more strategic than it already was.

Just found out that mercury insurance offers a discount if you are a member of Costco, sams club or AAA but I’ve already got another affiliate discount